come as you are

we exist to bring together the people Jesus spoke to in his sermon on the mount.  on the hillside that day there were skeptics and believers; we are those people.  simply put, we are a community that hasn't figured it out yet, what we do know is that we love Jesus and we are trying our best to show people his grace and peace.

who we are

we are a non-denominational church who is affiliated with the church of God movement of churches, headquartered in anderson indiana. (a group of churches that didn't like how denomination separate churches.) We are held accountable by the PNA (pacific northwest association of the Church of God) and the CMA (church multiplication association.) 

you are welcome at hillside! you are welcome to visit anytime or inquire about more information at:

what we believe


We believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God. (2 Timothy 3:16-17) We believe that the interpretation of the stories and teachings in scripture and application of the truth that we find in scripture is fun and rewarding.


We believe in God as the creator of all things (Genesis 1-2, John 1:3.) We believe that God is all powerful and therefore could have created people that had no choice but to worship Him and be obedient to Him. He did not do this. Instead He creatively created man and woman with a free will and gave them the gift of choice (Genesis 3). We believe that God did this because of His desire for a real relationship with us (Rev 3:20). We believe that even though men and women have consistently chosen to live by their own rules, God provided ways (Exodus 20) for us to live the way that He had originally intended. Though men and women continued to turn their backs on Him, He pursued. (Exodus, The Prophets. ie. Micah 6, Isaiah 1).  

Though men and women would not listen, God continued His pursuit. Even though our rebellion and its consequence was our own doing, (Romans 6:23) He chose to forgive us and chose to redeem us. (Romans 5:8) Of course an all-powerful God could have forced us to change. An all-powerful God could have chosen to redeem us through a snap of His fingers or wrathful fire from the sky. Instead, God chose to show us His love by making a sacrifice as difficult and personal as any expression of love and forgiveness could be. (John 3:16-21, John 19). The sacrifice was the death of His Son Jesus, who had lived a perfect life, being put to death on a cross in the same way as the most violent of criminals. This sacrifice makes a way for us to not only be forgiven and redeemed based on the standards and rules of the Old Testament, but also makes a way for us to live in a relationship with God now and for eternity.(Romans 10:10-13) All we have to do is accept this gift. (Ephesians 2:8-9)


just Jesus